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Solar Panel Power Supply (Franklin)

Please Call 1-800-694-5977 To Order.


Harness the environmentally responsible energy of the sun to power the operation of your Franklin Autoswing Opener.

Our 24V, 10W solar-powered opener upgrade has been designed with enhanced panel technology that puts the control board to sleep when the kit is not in use for more than 5 minutes. This provides for an optimized system that allows for minimal power consumption from the batteries throughout the day. The result is an ultra efficient system that will provide optimized results, even in geographical areas that are not in bright sunlight every day. The control board can be woken up by an impulse of a remote control device, wired keypad, or transmitter to open doors.

This solar panel power kit has been designed for residential or low traffic applications and automatic door openers. It is capable of 10 open/close cycles per day in 21 days without sun, and over 30 cycles per day in optimum conditions. Solar panel kit includes wall mounting bracket, battery, box, and cable. This kit is able to be used with one pair of carriage doors. If you have two sets of garage doors, you will need two solar kits.