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Stainless Prop FT Barn Door Hardware

Ships in 1-3 days

Product Description

Designed with the propellers of a B-29 in mind, the prop barn door hardware flat track hangers are dynamic and sleek. These sporty, no-fuss hangers barn door hangers glide effortlessly along the track, their form reminiscent of the dawn of modernism. Stainless Prop Flat Track hardware with its exposed wheels is a perfect modern hardware option for barn doors. The gorgeous brushed stainless steel hangers will make a statement in your home. Commonly used for interior applications, however also suitable for exterior use due to the material. For an ultra-quiet experience, upgrade your barn door hardware wheels to our Stainless Steel Hush Wheels™.

Fast lead time: 1-3 business days from order to ship date

Proudly Made in USA.

Determine Kit Length

Single Barn Door: Multiply your single barn door width by two for optimum barn door hardware track length. For a 3ft barn door, you would typically need a 6ft barn door hardware rail kit.

Double Barn Doors: For biparting barn doors, simply use two single barn door kits (see above) and mount them side by side.

(Barn door hardware track lengths are nominal to accommodate the overlap needed for the bottom guide).


Lag bolts are included and are used to attach the barn door hardware track to the wall.

Custom tracks

Call us for custom barn door hardware track lengths and applications!

Technical Details

Weight Limits**

  Steel Wheels Hush Wheels™ 
Aero /Prop FT Kits 200 lb. door 200 lb. door
Classic/Hammered FT & SS Kits 400 lb. door 400 lb. door
Horseshoe FT Kit 550 lb. door 550 lb. door
Industrial Duty FT Kit 800 lb. door N/A
Box Rail /Stainless Box Rail N/A 400 lb. door
Swiss/Hex Bar Kit N/A 300 lb. door

**Rating per pair of hangers

Actual Rail Lengths:

Use this chart to determine the exact length and quantity of the barn door hardware rail you will receive (rails 10' or higher are sent as 2 pieces):

Barn Door Hardware Actual Rail Lengths

Kit Size Actual Rail Lengths (inches) Total Actual Length (inches)
4' 1 rail @ 47"  47"
5' 1 rail @ 59"  59"
6' 1 rail @ 71"  71"
7' 1 rail @ 83"  83"
8' 1 rail @ 95"  95"
9' 1 rail @ 107"  107"
10' 2 rails @ 59" each 118"
12' 2 rails @ 71" each  142"
14' 2 rails @ 83" each  166"
16' 2 rails @ 95" each  190"
18' 2 rails @ 107" each  214"


Download technical info

Download installation manual

NOTE: Doors not included in kit. For do-it-yourself sliding doors, see Real Barn Door Kits. For other, high quality doors, visit Real Carriage Door Co.

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