Gold & Spectrum Flat Track Kit

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From playrooms to sky rise lofts, these lively shades are sure to brighten up any space. Use these punchy colors to draw out accent tones of throw pillows, artwork or your favorite arm chair. Choose from a variety of colors: Scarlet, Tangerine, Lemon, Forest, Cobalt, Violet and Metallic. Dive in and add a splash of color to your project with Real Sliding Hardware! Upgrade to Hush Wheels® for ultra-quiet operation.

Lead time: 1-2 weeks from order to ship date.

Built Real in the USA.

NOTE: These color finishes are special order and cannot be returned. Pricing is for hardware only, door not included. For do-it-yourself sliding doors, see Real Barn Door Kits. For other, high quality doors, visit Real Carriage Door Co.

Determine Kit Length

Single Door: Multiply your single barn door width by two for optimum track length. For a 3ft barn door, you would typically need a 6ft barn door hardware rail kit.

Double Doors: For biparting doors, choose kit for total track length needed, then change "Quantity of doors on track" to 2 or 3 for the additional door hardware needed.

(Track lengths are nominal to accommodate the overlap needed for the bottom guide.)


Lag bolts are included and are used to attach the barn door hardware track to the wall. Lag bolts come in black for Scarlet, Tangerine, Lemon, Forest, Cobalt, and Violet colors. Stainless steel lag bolts are also available for purchase.

Custom Door and Track Sizes

If your door requires a track length that falls between sizes, simply round up to the next available size and pair with an adjustable end stop. This technique will enable you to customize the endpoint of the track. Call us for custom track lengths and applications - 800.694.5977

Technical Details


Spectrum Aero and Prop Kits - Up to 150 lbs.

Spectrum Classic Kits - Up to 400 lbs.

**Rating per pair of hangers

Actual Rail Lengths:

Use this chart to determine the exact length and quantity of barn door hardware rail you will receive (rails 10' or higher are sent as 2 pieces):

Actual Rail Lengths

Kit Size Actual Rail Lengths (inches) Total Actual Length (inches)
4' 1 rail @ 47" 47"
5' 1 rail @ 59" 59"
5.25' 1 rail @ 59" 63"
6' 1 rail @ 71" 71"
7' 1 rail @ 83" 83"
8' 1 rail @ 95" 95"
9' 1 rail @ 107" 107"
10' 2 rails @ 59" each 118"
12' 2 rails @ 71" each 142"
14' 2 rails @ 83" each 166"
16' 2 rails @ 95" each 190"
18' 2 rails @ 107" each 214"


Download technical info

Download installation manual

NOTE: Doors not included in kit. For do-it-yourself sliding doors, see Real Barn Door Kits. For other, high quality doors, visit Real Carriage Door Co.