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Red Wine Redwood

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Every Reclaimed Door Has a Story.


When we saw the opportunity to acquire a collection of reclaimed redwood lumber from Northern California, we couldn't pass it up! With redwood's striking color, exclusivity, and historic significance, we knew this lumber would be a perfect addition to our reclaimed wood line.

This wood began its journey hundreds of years ago as seedlings in the coastal forests of present-day California. After many years of growth, it was harvested in 1972 for use in 30,000 gallon red wine tanks in a prestigious Napa Valley winery. 44 years later, it was decommissioned and is now here in Gig Harbor, Washington, ready to be crafted into stunning redwood barn doors that will grace your home as their final destination.

Less than 3% of ancient redwoods remain in California, and because of their endangered status, they are no longer allowed to be felled. This means the worldwide supply of redwood lumber is dwindling. We are fortunate to have acquired such a beautiful lot of this precious, salvaged lumber, and we seek to honor it with our craftsmanship.

Redwood was once the premiere choice for storing wine because it is so strong and rot-resistant, and the tannins in the wood are thought to add complexity and richness to the flavor of the wine. The lumber we have acquired has a subtle stain from the years of wine fermentation, indentations from the rivets of cask hoops, and is even infused with the sweet aroma of wine that is easily detectable in the unfinished lumber.

Because this lumber is a limited resource that is becoming scarcer every year, we may not be able to offer this species again. We are proud to be the only company with this special stock of redwood. This reclaimed redwood sliding door is certain to be the focal point of any room, and its rare beauty will delight all who see it.

Be sure to order your redwood barn door today, before it is gone for good!



NOTE: Redwood barn doors shown with optional hardware. Sliding Hardware is not included. Doors are not pre-drilled for hardware. Please note that your reclaimed redwood sliding door may look very similar or very different from example photos. Because wood is a natural material, it can vary widely in color tone, grain pattern, and knots. We cannot make guarantees that your reclaimed redwood sliding door will look exactly like the photos shown. Photos are intended to illustrate a similar example of what you may receive. This is especially true of reclaimed wood, as it has been weathered and aged and may have different levels of exposure or staining. In reclaimed redwood, pine, and barn wood, it is not uncommon to see rough surfaces, small holes, minor dirt or debris embedded in the wood, or dark marks from nails.


This redwood has variances in color due to the level of staining from exposure to wine. Standard redwood barn doors will be a warm umber tone, while premium cut is deep red with purple undertones from direct wine exposure. We highly recommend adding a clear finish with UV protection to guard your redwood barn door from damage. Clear urethane enhances detail and color, and will protect the door from fading and warping. Sun exposure will fade the wine stain from doors without a finish applied.





  • Real, solid wood
  • Fast lead time
  • 1-3/4" thickness (at thickest width)
  • Flat head screws - you choose the finish

Pair with our Real Sliding Hardware for a complete look!

Please note that all doors will ship separately from sliding hardware when purchased together. If your project requires special consideration, please call 800-694-5977. Doors may be used in interior and exterior applications; however, we cannot guarantee against warping and weathering in exterior installations. For custom carriage doors, custom sliding and swinging doors, or entry doors, please visit our sister site,