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  • classic-barn-doors-J1991

    1. Master bedroom barn doors alternately cover TV or opening.

    Hardware: Classic Flat Track Kit

    Builder: Del Mar Construction

  • bed-and-breakfast-sliding-door-country-J8319

    2. Sliding hardware was used in the transformation of this 200-year-old brick barn into a quaint bed & breakfast in England. The attic space had limited floor-space, so a sliding barn door was the perfect solution.

    Hardware: Hammered Flat Track Kit

    Our carpenters were so impressed with the quality and so was I. It is quiet, smooth and a joy to use. All of our guests and visitors comment on it and ask where we got such an amazing piece of hardware.

    Mindi, Ripley, Surrey, England

  • yellow-door-with-barn-door-hardware-to-basement-J9286

    3. This creamy yellow barn door and barn door hardware is a central conversation piece in this home.

    Hardware: Classic Flat Track Kit

  • business-sliding-door-barn-door-J12857

    4. This barn door was built from 100-year-old salvaged ranch wood and paired with Real Sliding Hardware. Aesthetic and functional, this door acts as a room divider between an open workspace and break room at Zook Creative.

    Hardware: Classic Flat Track Kit

    Zook Creative

  • contemporary-powder-room-prime

    5. A bright red barn door covers the powder room.

    Hardware: Classic Flat Track Kit

    Builder: Prime 1 Builders

    Added sliding door from master bedroom to master bath. Had a great experience with the staff ordering the hardware.

    Dan, South Burlington, Vermont

  • barn-door-hardware-Northern-Sky-Development-J3835

    6. Barn doors made from reclaimed Douglas fir salvaged from a nearby warehouse.

    Hardware: Classic Flat Track Kit

    Builder: Northern Sky Developments Inc.
    Photography: Pete Lawrence

    Once hung on your hardware the doors worked perfectly! Our experience with Real Carriage Door was great! Your staff was extremely helpful and the hardware arrived quickly. Everything was well packed, and your instructions made it really easy for us to install the doors. Thanks!

    Terry, President of Northern Sky Developments, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

  • ranger-old-factory-brooklyn-reclaimed-white-oak-sliding-hardware-J10638

    7. Instead of using a pocket door, exposed sliding hardware was installed to conceal the pantry. The door and bookshelves are made from reclaimed oak.

    Hardware: Hammered Flat Track Kit

    Tim Disalvo

  • modern-barn-door-hardware-new-york-J5557

    8. Privacy in a New York apartment is tough to come by. The solution of the sliding barn door serves as an aesthetic focal point as well as a functional necessity with the occasional overnight guest.

    Hardware: Hammered Flat Track Kit

    The experience with the staff at Real Carriage Door Company was a refreshing and enjoyable experience. The staff that answered the phone were knowledgeable and friendly. It was a pleasure. The look of the hammered metal hardware adds to the aesthetics of the 1860 Brownstone. The silence and ease of movement of the HushWheels(TM) on the heavy door make the daily movement seem effortless. We honestly couldn't be happier. As an architect experimenting on himself, I will be recommending you to future clients.

    Andrew, New York, New York

  • french-antique-sliding-door-modern-hex-hardware-J10888

    9. French antique sliding doors use barn door hardware.

    Hardware: Hex Bar Sliding Hardware Kit

    Our homeowners and their family and friends are so blown away with the result. Their 400 pound doors can be moved with ONE FINGER! Real Sliding Hardware has exceptional service and your Real Sliding Hardware product can't be beat.

    Michael, Houston, Texas (TX)

  • sliding-hardware-pantry

    10. A laundry room uses a sliding door to save space and add charm.

    Hardware: Classic Flat Track Kit

    Replaced an in swing door of laundry room with a sliding barn door that I made myself. Attached to a ledger, Real Sliding Door Hardware has maximized our space and added a decorative element to our hallway. It is all everyone talks about when we have visitors.

    Jeremiah Peck, Birmingham, Alabama (AL)

  • white-oak-sliding-door-with-glass-between-panels-J9103

    11. A slatted sliding door looks beautiful in this home.

    Hardware: Classic Flat Track Kit

    We chose the "Classic Flat Track" not only for the simplicity, but also the robust structural integrity. Our custom-built barn door weighs nearly 340 lbs and is constructed of 1-3/8" rift cut white oak with 1/4" tempered glass sandwiched in between the panels.

    Carter Ramsay, Ramsay Solutions, Ketchum, ID

  • hallway-biparting-barn-doors-J11288

    12. This 30 ft hallway provided challenges with its limited floor space. But Real Sliding Hardware was used as a creative solution to create a den in this Cape Cod style home.

    Hardware: Classic Flat Track Kit

  • farmhouse-sliding-doors farmhouse-sliding-doors

    13. A sonoma farmhouse uses sliding doors throughout.

    Hardware: Classic Flat Track Kit

  • large-sliding-door-over-media-room-J7332

    14. After a complete renovation, Real Sliding Hardware was used between the media room and main living area.

    Hardware: Classic Flat Track Kit

  • yellow-sliding-barn-door-living-room

    15. Yellow sliding barn door.

    Hardware: Aero Flat Track Kit

  • sliding-door-over-shower-J7072

    16. This sliding door slides over a glass shower.

    Hardware: Classic Flat Track Kit

    I used Classic Barn Door Hardware in the master bathroom to hang a 150 year old, 300 pound door. It slides this incredibly heavy door with just the touch of a finger and separates the shower and toilet area from the rest of the bathroom. This provides privacy when the bathroom is being used by more than one person. The quality and strength of the hardware is awesome and I will use it in every home I do from now on!

    Stephen, Start at the Curb, San Diego, CA

  • office-sliding-door-commercial-J1109

    17. A sliding barn door is used in a student lounge.

    Hardware: Classic Flat Track Kit

    The lounge can easily be closed off for privacy and quiet study space or left open to welcome the rest of the Environmental Design community. Overall, the new barn door creates a smooth transitioning point between the study lounge and the rest of the building.

    Sheryl, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado (CO)

  • patio-sliding-door-to-garden-architect-J9373

    18. A sliding door conceals the beautiful patio behind.

    Hardware: Stainless Flat Track Kit

  • playroom-seaside-beach-J5998

    19. Biparting doors are used to create a playroom for children.

    Hardware: Classic Flat Track Kit

    Richard of Jackson Built Homes

  • prop-sliding-hardware-modern-traditional-white-oak-J11105

    20. A large sliding door is used as a design element in this room.

    Hardware: Prop Flat Track Kit

    We recently renovated our new home and when looking for the perfect sliding door hardware, Real Carriage Door Company pulled through. The Prop Barn Door Hardware answered all my questions and the track is whisper quiet. The exposed hangers on the steel rail is perfect for our modern home with a traditional twist and looks wonderful against the white oak door.


  • modern-sliding-hardware-swiss

    21. Modern closet door with the Swiss Rod stainless sliding system.

    Hardware: Swiss Rod Kit

    Builder: Peter Maslow, Maslow Interiors, LLC
    Photographer: Cary Whittier

    We recently gut renovated our Manhattan appartment in an old Brownstown. Swiss Rod stainless steel barndoor sliding hardware was a great fit for our master bedroom closet door.

    Willem, Manhattan, New York

  • refurbished-sliding-door-urban treehouse-J8415

    22. An “urban treehouse”, this a-frame two-story home was remodeled--now providing an open floor plan and better views of the Pacific Ocean. The sliding barn door was created from reclaimed wood with the original patina left unaltered.

    Hardware: Aero Flat Track Kit

    Anthony, AG Construction

  • Log-Plank-Barn-Door-Hardware-J5549

    23. Custom cedar plank doors with wild edge

    Hardware: Classic Flat Track Kit

  • biparting-doors-apartment-over-bedroom-J7162

    24. Sliding hardware was used to give this 40-year-old condo a fresh, modern look.

    Hardware: Stainless Aero Flat Track Kit

  • bath-crashers-barn-door-kit

    25. Bath Crashers used a Real Barn Door Kit and Real Sliding Hardware in this bathroom remodel.

    Hardware: Real Barn Door Kit Cedar

    Bath Crashers

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"Our carpenters were so impressed with the quality and so was I. It is quiet, smooth and a joy to use. All of our guests and visitors comment on it and ask where we got such an amazing piece of hardware."
- Mindi, Surrey, ENG


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