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Fremont Ceiling Mounted Outswing Opener (AOCM)

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By law, all door openers must include a battery backup. For more information, read the senate bill here.

The Fremont Automatic Opener is unlike any other. With its patented German engineering, this swing out garage door opener is uniquely suited to operating out-swing carriage doors. The Fremont is durable, surprisingly quiet and very easy to install with our installation manual specifically written for this unique out-swing application.

As America’s premier builder of carriage doors, Real Carriage Door & Sliding Hardware needed a solid solution to conveniently operate carriage garage doors and the Fremont Swing Out Garage Door Opener has proven to be an affordable, reliable solution for many years. As the experts in carriage doors and the openers to drive them, we are convinced that the Fremont will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

The Fremont Swing Out Garage Door Opener offers quiet operation and unique design through its patented technology. A travelling 24V DC motor attaches directly to the outswing doors via push rods, offering extremely quiet operation. This opener uses the smallest number of moving parts of any opener on the market, making it exceptionally durable. Fully automatic force adjustment will not allow an obstructed door to burn out the motor. With this outswing garage door opener, a soft start and soft stop makes for smooth operation. The Fremont requires zero maintenance and comes with a lifetime warranty on the whole unit, plus a 2-year warranty on all accessories.


• Clear installation instructions specific to swing-out operation
• Heavy duty 24V DC motor for maximum performance
• Rail (10’) for ceiling mount application (NOTE: Rail does not have to be mounted horizontally, but can slope up reasonably from the opening mount.)
• Two (2) push rods for one pair of doors up to a 9’ opening (upgrade rod length for wider openings, see below for options)
• Pair of photo safety eyes
• Two (2) transmitters and interior wall station (4-button transmitters will operate up to four openings)
• Secure Rolling Code Technology
•Homelink compatible - AM 310MHz (adaptor for 315MHz available upon request)


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AOCM ¾ HP Opener Kit (up to 9’ opening)


Upgrade to Longer Rods for 9'+ to 10' opening


Upgrade to Longer Rods for 10'+ to 11' opening


Upgrade to Longer Rods for 11'+ to 13' opening

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