Franklin Autoswing® Opener for Swinging Carriage Doors

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Are you looking for a reliable opener for your swinging carriage doors? Look no further! The new Franklin Autoswing® model is here. Brilliantly engineered, this state-of-the-art automatic swing garage door opener offers quiet operation and delivers superior torque. 

As America’s premier builder of carriage doors, Real Carriage Door & Sliding Hardware developed the Franklin Autoswing Opener with its European manufacturer directly, tailoring it to suit carriage doors. The Franklin Autoswing Opener will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.  

The Franklin system is mounted just above the doors, leaving the ceiling clear of any track system overhead, facilitating accent lighting and vertical lifts for a more usable, attractive space. Each low-voltage motor is housed in a sleek enclosure featuring a keyed knob for manual override. Once installed, the Franklin Autoswing Opener is ready to operate with minimal programming. However, there are many custom programming options available for this swing garage door opener including delayed opening, outswing or inswing configuration, decelerated closing, one-door partial pedestrian opening, password protection, and more. Please call us if you have questions about your specific application. 

While we recommend a professional installer, many builders, contractors and homeowners install the Franklin Autoswing Opener successfully. This swing garage door opener is easy to install, with step-by-step, on-screen instructions to walk you through initial setup. Whether you are a homeowner or professional installer, your full warranty applies. .  

The Franklin Autoswing Opener now comes with a full three-year manufacturer’s warranty. This impressive opener has an impeccable service record and meets or exceeds UL 325 Safety Standards

The Franklin Autoswing includes everything you need to automate one pair of carriage doors:

  • (2) Motor Operators and Pivot Arms
  • Control Box Panel, 120 volt
  • Pair of Safety Infrared Sensors
  • (2) 4 button remotes (will work with 4 sets of openers)
  • Wall Control Station (with low voltage wiring) 

The optional Wi-Fi Hub add-on allows up to 5 users approved by one master user to operate the opener through an app on their smartphone. A strong Wi-Fi signal is necessary for optimal performance. The WiFi Hub allows smartphone operation (with the ability to set a radius for iOS users) and access to user operation history, error message logs, and the option to contact a technician for support from the app. 


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Please note that the Franklin Autoswing is rated for temperatures above 5° Fahrenheit. Colder temperatures may result in poor or no operation.

**HomeLink is one of the most widely used vehicle-based wireless control systems. To find out if your vehicle is equipped with HomeLink, please click here.