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Choosing a Barn Door

Barn Doors can be hard to choose. We know, the possibilities seem endless. There are so many colors, wood species, and styles to choose from that it can be overwhelming. But, we are here to help. When you are choosing your barn door, there are a few useful steps to follow along the way. Here are 3 tips to help you choose your barn door:

1. Be Inspired.

Start by perusing our project photo gallery! There are hundreds of examples of barn doors that will get your wheels turning. Find an interior that looks similar to your existing or future space.

Are you putting a barn door in a master bathroom? Maybe you would like a mirror on one side. Is it a smaller space? Try putting windows in the barn doors to help transmit light.

Whatever your situation, we guarantee you will find some barn door inspiration here.

2. Determine Your Room Style

Once you know your style, it is easier to choose your barn door. Here are some common styles:

Traditional – You want your guests to feel like your home is lived-in and inviting. You enjoy subtle adornments that add a soft touch to your home. Both Alder barn doors and Cedar barn doors are a great option for your space.

Eclectic – You are a curator of artifacts. You find objects with fascinating stories. If this is you, we think you'll love our Salvage™ barn door – the wood is reclaimed and only available in limited quantities. Your barn door will be rich with history and character.

Rustic – You love raw, organic textures and want a little nature in your home. You tend to gravitate towards things that aren’t highly polished. You might even have some antlers hanging above your mantel. If this is the case, either the Alder, Weathered, or Salvaged™ barn doors are for you! Want a door that stands out with its warm, aged texture? Try Weathered barn doors.

Contemporary – You prefer a minimalist aesthetic, with a monochromatic pallet that highlights the architectural lines in your surroundings. You enjoy unique shapes and geometry in your furniture. You prefer natural materials to forced material. You should definitely check out the Sapele barn door and Beech Horizontal barn door.

Modern – You love a space that is clean and fresh with no clutter. You are inspired by a simple, unfussy room. Things should be functional and beautiful. If so, the Cedar barn door is for you. Cedar's silky texture and golden, linear grain says “less is more.” Looking for ultra-modern? Try one of our many Horizontal designs, available in a variety of wood species including Cedar!

3. Pop or Not

Is the sliding barn door going to be the focal point of the room? Or do you want the door to blend in? If you want your barn door to provide a nice balance with the rest of the room try one of these finishes: “clear”, “light cream”, or “pitch black.” For extra pop and personality, try one of our Timeline Barn Doors!

Still not sure? Take a photograph of your space and one of our interior designers can advise you! Email us at info@realslidinghardware.com or call 800.694.5977.

"Our carpenters were so impressed with the quality and so was I. It is quiet, smooth and a joy to use. All of our guests and visitors comment on it and ask where we got such an amazing piece of hardware."
- Mindi, Surrey, ENG


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