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Brass Classic Barn Door Hardware Kit

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Product Overview

A best-selling style in a luxe new finish - we are delighted to present the Classic Barn Door Hardware Kit in solid, sumptuous brass. Evoking feelings of elegance, the Classic's straps fasten to the face of the door, the top of the exposed hangers wrapping gracefully over the wheel and riding on a solid brass rail for the ultimate barn door look. This brass barn door hardware is suitable for both modern and traditional tastes and is our most popular barn door hardware style. Newly available in solid, luxurious brass, this classic sliding door hardware kit is sure to add grace and class to any room

What's in the kit:

  • Solid brass rail (may ship in pieces depending on selection)
  • Two hangers per door on the track
  • Stainless steel bolts/fasteners
  • Anti-jump plate
  • T-Guide for guiding your door
  • 2-1/2" spacer guide for installing hangers to door

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Good to Know

Brass barn door hardware kits are machined in Washington State, USA.

Brass classic hardware does not have the same weight rating as standard classic. Each pair of classic brass hangers can hold a door up to 150 pounds maximum.

Brass is a sensitive metal that reacts to contact with oils and moisture. Touching brass hardware with bare hands will result in tarnishing and visible oxidization over time. We recommend using a brass polish after handling, and regularly after installation to maintain shine and prevent tarnishing that will occur naturally with age. Lag bolts are included standard with all hardware kits and are used to attach the barn door hardware track to the wall. Because brass is a softer metal, brass hardware kits come with stainless lag bolts and wheel pins to ensure durability.

This hardware ships free within the continental United States. Free shipping excludes expedited shipping, international shipments, and oversize orders that require LTL shipping. Fast lead time: In-stock items ship in 1-3 days! Most orders ship same day if ordered by 12 PM Pacific time.

If you're adding a Soft Stop, keep in mind that it's recommended for interior use only. Soft stops can be used with flat tracks 5' and longer. If using two soft stops (one at each end of the track), this configuration is compatible with one-piece tracks over 12 feet in length, or with 2-piece tracks 10 feet in length and longer. Even if the overall weight rating for your hardware kit is higher, the weight rating for a Soft Stop is 220 lbs.

You might have guessed this, but we just wanted to mention it: doors are not included with the purchase of hardware.

Determining Size

For a single door, multiply your door width by two to get optimum track length. Example: For a 3' wide barn door, you'd need a 6' barn door hardware kit.

For bi-parting doors, you'll need to add the widths together and then multiply that sum by two. Example: For two 3' wide bi-parting doors, you'll need a 12' track. When you are making your selections in the menu, change "quantity of doors on track" to the correct number so we can send you all the hangers and extra hardware you'll need.

For bypassing doors, you'll need our bypassing kit. Click here to check it out.

If your door requires a track length that falls between sizes, you can round up to the next size and pair with the adjustable end stop. This will allow you to choose where the door stops on the track. We are also able to cut tracks to your specifications.

For custom track lengths, call us at 1-800-694-5977

Actual Rail Lengths

Use this chart to determine the exact length and quantity of barn door hardware rail you will receive.

Kit Size Number of Rails in Kit Total Actual Length
1 rail at 47"
1 rail at 59"


1 rail at 63"
1 rail at 71"
1 rail at 83"
1 rail at 95"
9' 1pc
1 rail at 107"
9' 2pc
2 rails at 53.5"
10' 1pc
1 rail at 119"
10' 2pc
2 rails at 60"
12' 1pc
1 rail at 143"
12' 2pc
2 rails at 71"
14' 2pc
2 rails at 83"
16' 2pc
2 rails at 95"
18' 2pc
2 rails at 107"

Technical Details

Hardware Style Weight Rating (per pair of hangers)

Aero | Prop | Brass in Any Style

150 lb. door

Classic | Hammered

400 lb. door


550 lb. door

Industrial Flat Track

800 lb. door

Box Rail

400 lb. door

Swiss Rod | Hex Bar

150 lb. door

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Download Installation Manual

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