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All Things Point to Chevron

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Those who say chevron is an overused interior piece don’t grasp the eccentric and ancient beauty of this geometric pattern. While bold colored rugs and pillows in this pattern seem to be a dime a dozen, that doesn’t mean you should shame the geometry. Instead, shame yourselves for not utilizing the potential to create pronounced pieces for any home. When Real Carriage Doors crafted deep Sapele Mahogany and a brilliant Maple wood into this ancient pattern, they provided a design that could create visionary contrast in any styled room. Real Carriage Doors utilizes a two panel style that breaks up the classic cliche and give a more modern take on the chevron design. The interactive pattern paired with wooden textures and tones, calms this jazzy pattern and give it a more noble appearance.

The Mountain Chevron in Sapele Mahogany adds a level of luxuriant sophistication that is a must have for any contemporary space. The wood is desired for its elegant shimmer, as well as the subtle layered detail of contrasting striped hues. This geometric duo would flourish in rooms with warm grey or light green undertones, as well as stationary rooms that need a little hint of movement.

The Mountain Chevron in Quartered Maple is a perfect fit for rooms that are a little more airy. The wood is a mottle of light amber and gold. It’s modest wave grain and fine even texture complement the sharp edges of the chevron design. This style is sure to accent any space that needs a little glow. Red and golden tones will complement this species. Try it in a room with darker interior to really get the door to pop.

The trends say to shut the door on chevron, but that's before the trends saw chevron on a door. Open the possibilities of design by considering chevron to sharpen and pull together any look. 

Some of our favorite Interior Designers and Architects are successfully utilizing the art of chevron. Check out what they are doing.

                                                                        Evelyn Eshun Design

Talented Interior Designer, Evelyn Eshun, used a chevron pattern pattern as a back splash in the Richview Project. This look was so successful that it earned a spot in the top-five most popular new kitchens on Houzz. This project also featured a stunning custom marble floor that provided a luxurious contrast against the walnut walls. 

Staging by: Evelyn Eshun Design and Sanaz Design 


Chamberlain Architects 

Chamberlain Architects have utilized chevron to add texture to the Washington St. Apartments, while sticking to their architectural approach centering around simple forms. The project shows chevron featured in a minimal and sophisticated space. This "wild" pattern instead adds an element of luxury to these town homes. 

Photo by: Derek Swalwell

Architects and interior designers prove project after project the adaptability of Chevron. Chevron, noted for its bold and wild designs,can also be used to add a soft touch of movement and expression in any space. The Mountain Chevron Door is the perfect balance of modern design and rustic charm.

All things point to chevron. Get yours today!

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"Once hung on your (Classic) hardware the doors worked perfectly! Our experience with Real Carriage Door was great! Your staff was extremely helpful and the hardware arrived quickly. Everything was well packed, and your instructions made it really easy for us to install the doors. Thanks!"
- Terry, Saskatchewan, CAN


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