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Don’t let your logs roll down hill after celebrating National Log Cabin Day, June 24th! Log Cabins have been around since the Bronze Age (3500 BC) and still remain extremely popular today. Originally crafted to survive the elements, they are quickly becoming more and more luxurious.

When it comes to creative design, unique materials, and an inspiring build site, our friends at MossCreek set the bar high for custom log cabin designs. MossCreek used Adirondack, Western, Cowboy, and even Appalachian design elements in their Eagles Nest Chalet project. This project makes extensive use of natural and organic design components which create a warm interior. Now, wouldn’t a horizontal sliding door look great in this chalet?                 




Here are a few quick facts about log cabins to get you ready for the holiday!

  1. Log cabins have housed famous celebrities and public figures including; Abraham Lincoln, Ralph Lauren and Muhammad Ali.
  2. The largest log home in the world goes for a whopping 20 million dollars and is 26,000 square feet. It is the Granot Loma of Michigan and it took 4 years to construct with 400 Scandinavian craftsmen involved in the design work.

Those are some fun facts! Now go out and celebrate National Log Cabin today!  

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"Once hung on your (Classic) hardware the doors worked perfectly! Our experience with Real Carriage Door was great! Your staff was extremely helpful and the hardware arrived quickly. Everything was well packed, and your instructions made it really easy for us to install the doors. Thanks!"
- Terry, Saskatchewan, CAN


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