Think INSIDE the box!

22nd Jun 2018

With the introduction of our Bypassing Flat Track, we wanted to highlight all the perks of our other style of bypassing hardware...our Bypass Box Rail! Box Rail can come in a single and bypassi … read more

New Bypass Hardware

15th May 2018

Spring cleaning is over, and now that summer is approaching you’ve surely tossed all the old clothes fromyour closet. Now that you've gotten that out of the way, it's time to open up more space by t … read more

​Every Reclaimed Door Has a Story

19th Mar 2018

The verdict is in, people love reclaimed barn doors! We are not sure if it is because of how green the idea is, or because of their timeless and rustic style, but luckily for you, we love them too!The … read more

All Things Point to Chevron

Posted by Real Carriage Door and Sliding Hardware on 15th Aug 2017

We at Real know you are tired of bold, overdone zig-zaggy chevron patterns. While loud chevron patterns on pillowcases and wallpapers are definitely out, we weren’t quite ready to give up on the eccen … read more

Where is Your Accent From?

Posted by Real Sliding Hardware on 28th Jun 2017

Here at Real we love versatility, that’s why we love accent walls and ceilings! Accents can be used to break up a large room or to create the illusion of more space. We believe that every accent shoul … read more