Red Wine Redwood!

18th Dec 2018

Rich with history, our Reclaimed Red Wine Redwood is enhanced by the color and aroma of some of California's finest wines. When we saw the opportunity to acquire this unique collection of reclaimed lu … read more

Classy Brass

1st Aug 2018

   Real Carriage Door & Sliding Hardware is excited to announce our newest hardware line…brass hardware! Brass décor stands the test of time, while providing a high class look. There ar … read more

Pocket Doors Reinvented

28th Jun 2018

Forget everything you know about pocket doors. You know the ones...the squeaky wheels that fall off the track, the door that feels like cardboard, the little hook that is supposed to pull the door o … read more

Think INSIDE the box!

22nd Jun 2018

With the introduction of our Bypassing Flat Track, we wanted to highlight all the perks of our other style of bypassing hardware...our Bypass Box Rail! Box Rail can come in a single and bypassi … read more

New Bypass Hardware

15th May 2018

Spring cleaning is over, and now that summer is approaching you’ve surely tossed all the old clothes fromyour closet. Now that you've gotten that out of the way, it's time to open up more space by t … read more