Real Sliding Hardware is the leading barn door manufacturer of sliding barn door hardware and interior barn doors. Here you will find that craftsmanship, excellence and innovation are of the utmost importance. We embrace the art of working with raw materials and the creative diligence to turn it into something extraordinary.

Don Rees, owner and CEO of Real Carriage Door Company and Real Sliding Hardware, started out as a timber frame builder designing custom out-swing carriage doors to enhance the homes he created. The success of Real Carriage Doors led to Real Sliding Hardware and finally Real Barn Doors.  

Based in Washington State, utilizing local natural resources and talent is a cornerstone of our company. From reclaimed Douglas Fir barn doors to our hand-forged Hammered hangers, we take pride in everything we produce. By working locally we can offer a competitive product while honoring our Pacific Northwest roots.

Unsurpassed quality and workmanship is what you can expect when you choose Real Sliding Hardware. We lead the way in barn doors and sliding barn door hardware and we invite you to Build Real.™


Here are a few key differences that set us apart from our competitors:

RSH Flat TrackThe Competition


Most in-stock items ship within 1-3 business days. Many ship same day.  


 Weeks before shipping date


Architecturally elegant hanger proportions


 Stubby proportions


1/4" thick flat track rail


 Flimsy 3/16" flat track rail


Durable, powder-coated finishes, finished on all sides and edges


 Inconsistent spray painted finishes, often only on the front side of the hardware.  Scratches & chips easily.


Cushioned/padded end stops included in kits


 NO padding included


Anti-jump block plates included for security


 NOT available or only available as upgrade purchase


Matching door hanger bolts always included in kits


 Plain zinc door hanger bolts


Matching wall-mount lag bolts available


 NO lag bolts available


HushWheels(TM) available for ultra quiet operation




Custom rail lengths and hole patterns available. Call us for a custom quote.


 Fixed track lengths


Made in Washington State, USA by Real Carriage Door Company


 Who knows where...

To see RSH quality up-close, visit our barn door hardware photo gallery or call 800.694.5977 to request samples.